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Where did you get that?

The things Johnny has graced can now be yours!

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Mr. Depp would *love* to welcome you to the community where you can take all of his belongings or parts of his body that he hath graced with his godly touch. Can be claimed from real life or a character he has portrayed in his wonderous movies that care to hypnitize every set of eyes. Please read the rules that are forced upon this community before joining.

.:No stealing claims from those who hath rightfully claimed their item/part:.

.:If you are leaving the community/deleting your livejournal please let the community or maintainer know by posting so that your claim can be up for grabs:.

.:Do not use foul remarks towards other members -if ever happens-:.

.:Please post your request on an entry specified to this community, not by commenting:.

Johnny's Scissorhands (E. Scissorhands)- lizalizz2888
Johnny's Gold Teeth (PotC)-miss__daydream
Johnny Depp’s Pimp hat- essy_savvy
Johnny's Drag outfit (Before Night Falls)- piratebabe
Sam’s hat (Benny and Joon)- magnadoodle88
Johnny's Leather jacket (Donnie Brasco)- luminaux
Johnny's leather bracelet- cadillacl3ubble
Johnny's skull rings- bloodyamerican
Johnny's slinky (Secret Window)- coffeebits
Johnny's guitar (Chocolat)- wzrdfrk
Johnny's tricornered hat (PotC)- cherrykitty
Johnny's jacket- pumpkinstine
Another one of Johnny's sexy jackets- amathegreat
Johnny's cigarettes- thatdarngirl
Johnny's tortise shell glasses- shecrows
Johnny's tiger tooth necklace: shecrows
Johnny's cutlass (PotC)- sixnten
Helm of the Black Pearl that Johnny caresses (Pirates of the Caribbean)- mar00ned
Johnny's magnifying glasses (Sleepy Hollow)- sirose
Johnny's guitar (plays in P.)- gnrguitargirl
Johnny's Pistol (PotC)- mrs_depp
Johnny's beloved rum (PotC)- _unperfect
Johnny's love heart bracelet made by Lily-Rose- eighnjel
Raoul Dukes Tea-Shades (F.and L.in L.V)- keilana
Johnny's suspenders (E. Scissorhands)- obsessedwriter
Johnny's Che Guevera necklace- crazymook
Johnny's blessed boxers- ebonyhearts
Johnny's sweet lips- xparanoia86x
Johnny's Viper Room hat- x_sparkle_x
Johnny's eyes- preciousboo
Johnny's sexy body- xxcarmelaxx
Johnny's Belt w/Pot leaf (OUATIM): coffeegirl123
Johnny's entire outfit (E.Scissorhands): evrynamewastakn
Lock of Johnny's hair: randomperson127
Johnny's broken compass (PotC): bigbear4228
Johnny's Dreadlocks (PotC): crossmyheart__
Johnny's trenchcoat (Astronauts Wife): snatchphoenix
Johnny's pirate beads (PotC): misti_rose
Johnny's robe (Secret Window): shleyr388
Johnny's glasses (Secret Window): bloombaby111
Johnny's Don Juan DeMarco outfit: ibelongtoyou
Johnny's Cap'n Sparrow mannerisms (POTC):knoifey_spoony
Johnny's left arm: early_vincent
Johnny's Agent Sands outfit (OUATIM): renthisplace
Johnny's tattoos: divine_dreams
Johnny's defined cheekbones: hisskeletonkiss
Johnny's hands: _deathofanangel
Johnny's penis: supremelead
Johnny's half cigarette (FaLiLV): bulletsthatkiss
Johnny's hair braid (Chocolat): tsornin
Johnny's bandana/scarf (POTC): krisystar
Johnny's knees: jamaykanqueen89
Johnny's lips: fragilecliche
Johnny's cane (Benny and Joon): depplove
Johnny's Wonka sunglasses (C.Chocolate Factory):x_funereal
Johnny's eyes: mandadepp
Johnny's penis: __bowieboy
Johnny's accent (PotC): captainmolly
Johnny's scottish accent (Finding Neverland): viggarobean
Johnny's crybaby leather jacket (Crybaby): themcquiadbros
Johnny's Raoul Duke jacket (F&LiLV): im_n_lovewit_u

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Johnny would like to thank you for partaking in this event of claiming his things.

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